The CLOUD ART project originates from a basic assumption, the digitization process will increasingly affect the contents of our planet and produce a very significant amount of data and related archives.

Archiving digital content is an emerging issue also for contemporary visual art, that has always anticipated visions and demands of our society.

The contents coming from different tangible or intangible sources are dematerialized and digitized to become accessible and available in archives all over the world using the web as their main communication channel.

Digitization and dematerialization assign a new principle of reality to screen viewing – unrelated to physicality – which has not yet been explored; however, it has brought out the obsolescence of current archiving methods that limit the possibilities for the enjoyment of contemporary art.

This proposal intends to investigate how the new technological potential can support new remote experiences in the field of contemporary visual art or even more generally in the currently standardized archiving process.

In order to investigated this topic and realize our project we decided to make the following foundamental steps and now we are ready for the first submission to a European Call.

STEP 6 > WORKING Group consortium, from January 2022

STEP 5 > HORIZON Call, first deadline 21st October 2021

STEP 4 > INTERACT2021, Participation, September 2021

STEP 3 > WORKING Group workshop, from February 2021

STEP 2 > WORKSHOP on line, 14th October 2020

STEP 1 > MEETING conference in Trieste, Italy 13th September 2019

today newmedialab is a nomadic creative laboratory, until 2005 it was based in trieste / italy now it lives in the digital world, if you want to join our purpose send an email to

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