WORKING Group 2020

After the workshop we decided to create a Working Group dedicated to taking over the development of the CLOUDART project. The CLOUD ART WG has met once a month since February 2021, at this link you can view the list of meetings and the recordings on the You Yube playlist in a private link.

Working group members:

General director and professional staff from the Regional Office FVG in Bruxelles and in Trieste

Barbara Rita Barricelli, Assistant Professor, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy

Giuliana Carbi, President, Triestecontemporanea, Trieste, Italy 

Pedro Campos, Full Professor, University of Madeira, Madeira, Portugal

Torkil Clemmensen, Full Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Roberto Paci Dalò, Director, Usmaradio, University of San Marino, San Marino

Fabio Pittarello, Full Professor, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Carlo Fortuna, INCE CEI, Central Europo Initiative, Trieste, Italy

Roberto Siagri, Manager,  Udine, Italy

Stephen Taylor, Director Innovation center, Area Science Park, Trieste, Italy

Antonella Varesano, Free lance senior digital consultant, Trieste, Italy