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INTERACTION ATMOSPHERE: blending design style

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PhD Thesis

The goal of the research called “blending atmosphere design” is to understand if new design style would be useful to develop new interaction environment related to emotional aspects of the interface in order to create a better general atmosphere of interaction.

The experiment is split in two:

STEP 1 – DESIGN and REALIZE two interactive prototypes ( web sites ) with my students (Udine University)

a. Create a design model using  blending theories:

Silvano Arieti ( creative process )

Bruno Munari (constant in  creativity )

Bill Verplank ( do -feel-know )

Alan Dix ( bad ideas)

and other classic techniques like brainstorming in order to develop awareness about what design is and the importance of the mood in a virtual space;

b. design the same two prototypes using classical techniques, more user oriented devoted to functionality on the web and not involved in creative process;

see prototypes:

> TOURISM stmviaggiagenziabiancaneve > E-MAGAZINE e-artistice-magazine

STEP 2 – EVALUATE the interaction of this four artifacts (web sites) with the students of prof Mussio (Milan University) using:

Jacob Nielsen (heuristics)

Clarisse Sieckenius De Souza (semiotic evaluations SIM and CEM)

This research originally called  ‘mood-based design’ started in collaboration with Professor Piero Mussio CSLab, Milan University. – Prof. Mussio died in August 2010 see ‘In Memorial’

DOWNLOAD PDF  files> thesis and annex

AbstractEN –  English version

phd_varesano – Italian version by Antonella Varesano

APPENDICI Italian version: 1,2A,2B,2C,2D,3

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