In January 2021 we decided to renew our WORKING GROUP and to set up a WG with the consortium members on the same theme with the aims of becoming an observatory on the digitization of contemporary art and accessing new forms of funding.


Barbara Rita Barricelli, Giuliana Carbi, Maja Ciric, Torkil Clemmensen, Aline Daniel, Georgia Kotretsos, Effie Law, Miguel Rasero, Antonella Varesano, Alexandra Verdeil…. and we are waiting for new members…



2 calls, deadline 5 April 2022

eXtended Reality Technologies (RIA)


Call for proposalGrant

ProgrammeHorizon Europe (HORIZON)
Type of actionHORIZON Research and Innovation Actions
Opening date21 December 2021
StatusOpen for submission
Deadline modelsingle-stage
Deadline date  05 April 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time  

eXtended Reality Learning – Engage and Interact (IA)


Call for proposalGrant

ProgrammeHorizon Europe (HORIZON)
Type of actionHORIZON Innovation Actions
Opening date21 December 2021
StatusOpen for submission
Deadline modelsingle-stage
Deadline date05 April 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time

N.2 > HORIZON   CLUSTER 2    many forthcoming calls,  

previsional deadline 20 April 2022

Horizon Europe – Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs – 2022

Funds for: using the full potential of cultural heritage, arts and cultural and creative sectors as a driver of sustainable innovation and a European sense of belonging through a continuous engagement with society, citizens and economic sectors as well as through better protection, restoration and promotion of cultural heritage.

HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01-02: Europe’s cultural heritage and arts – promoting our values at home and abroad


N.3 > EIT European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT),

deadline 24 March 2022

EIT Call for Proposals 2021 for a new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI)

The Call for Proposals invites consortia of organizations and CCSI industry and sectoral leaders bringing together education, research and business to put forward their vision and strategy for EIT Culture & Creativity, the new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) that will drive the competitiveness and sustainable development of Europe’s CCSI. With this Call for Proposals, the EIT launches the selection process for a new KIC in the thematic area of cultural and creative sectors and industries. DEADLINE 24.03.2022

ELIGIBLE PARTNER NO possible match for CLOUD ART but we have to wait for the Call for ICCs in the KIC

N. 4 > Others new spring call in EIC European Innovation Council


Forthcoming Call 1st March 2022 DEADLINE 4 MAY 2022

> looking for next call about Challenge: Awareness inside

> situation to be studied in general with EIC members

> project already done in 2019

> role of UK in HORIZON (see Apre conference)


Others to keep under control for new calls…

DOORS almost expired (next one) , new BAUHAUS, next call EUROPEANA

DOORS – the Digital Incubator for Museums

For the present open call, museums (and collaborative tandems) must submit proposals for digital pilots that can benefit their institutions and help them set the stage for a long-term digital transformation.

  • 40 museums will be selected to take part in the first stage of the incubation programme focused on shared learning. Participating museums will get the chance to refine their proposals and apply for the second stage of the incubation programme.
  • 20 museums will be selected to continue in the second stage of the incubation programme with the practical implementation of their digital pilots.

DOORS will run two calls for proposals for its digital incubation programme. The present call is for the first incubation stage taking place from April to June 2022. Only the 40 beneficiaries selected from this call will be further eligible to apply for the second incubation stage (the respective call is expected to be launched in summer 2022).

Application must be submitted via the online platform provided by Ars Electronica. To answer this call, institutions are required to follow the process outlined below:

  • Step 1: Check eligibility criteria listed above or in the Guide for Applicants.
  • Step 2: Check the Declaration of Honour and the Orbit page (coming soon) to make sure you do not have any conflict of interest with jury member(s).
  • Step 3: Complete the diagnostic survey (coming soon).
  • Step 4: Prepare your pilot proposal (download template here). The applicant will be required to submit a short version of the proposal (3 pages) describing the core idea and a summary of the foreseen impact of the digital pilot that will be integrated into the existing infrastructure. Please read carefully the “Selection criteria” section of this call to make sure you provide all necessary details in the description of your pilot idea and foreseen impact.
  • Step 5: Complete and submit your application form on the online platform. Once you have registered a profile on the online submission platform, the following information and documents will be required:


The call is open to all museums and cultural organisations listed above and formed as a legal entity for at least 2 years in one member state of the European Union (including the UK, their overseas departments and outermost regions) or H2020 associated countries (see full list here). The project’s main target is small and medium-sized institutions. To take part in any of the strands, institutions should match at least one of the following criteria:

  • Counting less than 200 000 visitors in 2019 (In-person audience – in situ activity and off-site -, or online audience for purely online/ virtual museums)
  • A yearly turnover or balance sheet total of less than €2 M for core museum operation


Financial support: €1.500 (of which € 750 is a mandatory workshop fee) in the first incubation stage and up to €27.000 to develop a pilot project if the organisation is selected for the second stage.

DEADLINE: 13/02/2022 23:59